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 Event Ten Brothers

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PostSubject: Event Ten Brothers   Event Ten Brothers Icon_minitimeSat Jan 25, 2020 4:01 pm

In the first scene, halfway through (10 + 4 minions), and then right to the level to play (minions)
The second scene, go right to the level (9 minions)
Scene three, walk right to the level (7 minions)
The fourth scene, go right to the level (8, 9 + 5 creeps)
Fifth scene, go to ╧ (3 clay figures walk in the middle) and go up (6 minions)
Sixth scene, go left along Kushiro (9, 10 + 6 creeps)
The seventh scene, go to the left and go to the left (7 + 9 soldiers)
Eighth scene, go to ╧ and go up (7 + 7 creeps)
Ninth scene, go to the right and go to the right (8 soldiers) [7, 8, 9 teams will be encountered in the middle, you can escape]
Tenth scene, go to ╢ and go up (6 + 6 minions)
Eleventh scene, go to the right and go to the right (6, 7, 8 + 4 minions)
Twelfth scene, go down to ╤ (6 minions)
Thirteenth scene, meet in the middle of the game (5 + 6 creeps) and then go to the level (5 + 6 creeps)
The fourteenth scene, go straight (there are many wooden people in the middle, all can escape) to the level (8 wooden people)
After passing the level, you may keep walking back, and continue to hit the same wooden pedestrian until you teleport to another scene
Fifteenth scene, go down to ╢, no need to fight
The sixteenth scene, meet in midway (3, 4 + 6 creeps) and then go to the right (3, 4 + 5 creeps)
This scene is also a maze. If you pass the level and go back, continue the previous steps.
The seventeenth scene, go up to the ╝ (2 + 9 soldiers)
The eighteenth scene, go up to the end (10 brothers)
Congratulations, successfully played ten brothers ^^

Event Ten Brothers Th_test
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Event Ten Brothers
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